Global Warming? Where Are Your Door Draft Guards?

Global Warming? Where Are Your Door Draft Guards?

It seems certain that the winter of 2010 will go down on record as one of the coldest and snowiest in the United States. If we look around the world and especially in some parts of Western Europe, we see that the same thing is happening. Weren’t we supposed to be worrying about global warming and if so what is happening? In any case, this cold snap takes place at the worst time as we are still getting over the effects of this brutal recession and cannot find money to pay for such essentials as it is.

The great recession will mean many things to many people, but it has certainly focused the mind on the difficulties of providing for what we really classify as “essentials.” Heating and cooling for our homes represents more than just a luxury, as there are many repercussions if we do not do this correctly. There are many ways to shortcut, to cut back and to save on costs and door draft guards are particularly popular as people look for every advantage.

Door draft guards rea purpose made for the job and come in a variety of sizes. Even if you don’t have a conventionally sized door frame or window frame, these products can be manipulated or adjusted to fit.

Door draft guards can be fitted to all your external doors and can also be pressed into service on windows as well. People are often surprised if they stop and think just how many windows and doors their house possesses and how many opportunities there are for air leakage.

When air leaks underneath your doors and around your windows it takes your expensive conditioned air with it. Heating and cooling costs are always the lion’s share of a utility bill and it makes no sense to spend your money in this way.

People tend to forget that the typical furnace or air conditioning system is only designed to last a certain amount of time. Therefore, if your system is running far longer than it should be during each cycle as a result of inefficient sealing and air leakage, over time you will have to spend more on maintenance and depreciation. There will come a point when the system becomes wholly inefficient and starts to add to your money miseries.

When it comes to sealing your home and keeping cooling or heating in its place, people often look at different options. Some may consider complete replacement of door frames or entire windows, or double glazing panels throughout. All of these options can be expensive and even in new construction, small gaps may still exist. You might still have to buy door draft guards in any case!

A door draft guard is made from a tough polypropylene which is designed to last and especially in high-traffic areas. Whenever the product gets dirty, just clean it and replace and it will continue to do its job. Ground corn cob is used as a filler, one of the best insulators available.