Home Repairs To Get Fixed Now

Home Repairs To Get Fixed Now

There are certain little nagging problems around the average house that people always mean to get fixed, but somehow never seem to get the time to find someone to do the work. And as they are only little problems, it’s really no big deal right?

Unfortunately in many cases little problems have a nasty habit of turning into big headaches. Here are some home repairs you need to take care of right away.

Leaky Roof

The roof only leaks when it rains a lot and, even then, it’s only a little bit. So you put a plastic bucket down to catch the dripping water and then take it away again when the drip, drip, drip eventually stops. Everything is fine until the next downpour so you forget all about it.

However, every time this happens, the damage up in your roof is getting worse. Chances are that eventually there will come a day when the dripping doesn’t stop and bucket after bucket is not enough to stop a flood. Call in a reliable roofer as soon as you notice a roof leak. He or she will be able to fix the problem, hopefully just a minor repair job at this time, saving you a lot of heartache and expense down the road.

Leaky Faucets

See the pattern emerging here? Many of us consider small leaks in our home as a minor issue; we have far more important things to worry about. A leaky faucet is not only wasting water which, if you have to pay for it, is of course an issue but continual moisture around faucet bases causes mold and mildew that is far from pleasant.

Check Electrical Outlets

Check your outlets, even ones you don’t use regularly, on a monthly basis. If you find one that does not work all of a sudden, or sparks when you pull a plug out, call a licensed electrician right away. Electrical safety in the home is essential and your family’s wellbeing is worth far more than whatever the electrician charges you to check all is OK and put right anything that is wrong.

Get Rid of Old Filters

HVAC experts estimate that 60 percent of all their service calls are the result of dirty filters. Change yours regularly (about once a month) and not only will you keep the repairman away but, as your heating and/or cooling system will run far more efficiently with a nice clean filter, you will save money on energy costs as well.

Replace Cracked Windows

A small crack in a window pane may not seem like a big deal, you’ll get it fixed eventually, but it is amazing how much heat can be lost through that small crack, inflating your energy bills unnecessarily.

In addition, if a freeze hits, a little crack can become a big problem fast. The last thing you want is to be sitting in your kitchen with a broken window when it’s below zero outside and the glazier can’t be there for another two hours.