Fix PS3 Red Lights – Can You Fix The PS3 Red Lights From Home? The Pros And Cons!

Fix PS3 Red Lights – Can You Fix The PS3 Red Lights From Home? The Pros And Cons!

When you get the red lights on your PS3 it means that you have a hardware failure and there is nothing you can do but get it fixed. The actual problem has been caused internally as the system does not have enough cooling measures and the GPU and the CPU have overheated.

Now the normal course of action to get your PS3 repaired is to send it in and they will fix it for you.

It will take about 4 weeks and another thing that you may have to do is spend $150 in the process as that is the repair cost.

Well what a lot of gamers have been doing is using a good PS3 Repair guide that will show you how to fix the red lights from home.

Today I am going to talk about some of the pros and cons of using a red light guide on your PS3 and tell you what I think you are better off doing.

Now first up there is a debate as to whether these PS3 Red Light home repair guides work?

Yes, they do work but the difficulty is weeding through the bad ones until you get to a good one. If you were going to buy them all well it defeats the object of trying to avoid the normal repair fee.

So you must make sure that the red light fix for the PS3 has the following:

A fix for ALL errors – it is no good if you get a guide that just has a fix for the red/yellow light problem as there are plenty of other hardware issues you can get with the system and some of them are related.

So make sure you get a fix that will give you a comprehensive fix for all errors such as the red screen, freezing up and games not playing as well.

Secondly make sure that there are videos showing you how to complete the fix and a bonus would also be that the guide only uses household items as this makes it much easier.

Lastly if you want to fix your PS3 make sure if you go down the route of getting any guide that you get a full guarantee as well so you are not stuck if it does not work for you and can send it in.

I hope this article has helped tell you a bit more about PS3 red light fix guides and helped you weigh up each option.