Moving: Expectations vs. Reality

Sometimes, when individuals plan for months and months, they may expect for moving to be a breeze and for it to go absolutely seamlessly. This does not always go according to plan though, and they often are left with unexpected realities as the expectations and realities did not match up. There are ways to try to make a move as stress-free as possible and to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible though. Follow the tips below to learn more about how you can avoid the most common mistakes that create a harsh reality when anyone is undergoing a move.



Individuals may expect that planning will be easy because they are a self-proclaimed organized person. They will plan to label everything and will have a place for everything. What really happens in most instances though is that the movers from Moishe’s Movers Queens NY show up much sooner than what was expected.


No one person is ever perfect and that includes when it comes to being organized. People may lose motivation to pack and get organized certain days due to extenuating stressful circumstances. To avoid the stress of an unhelpful reality, start the moving process two or three months in advance instead of weeks in advance.



Another expectation that individuals may set for themselves before moving is a perfectly aligned budget that has all the money outlined so they do not overspend on the move. Often, however, individuals are left going over their budget as prices are not what they expected them to be.


If this occurs, individuals should reassess their budget. Make sure it includes every single detail, including tax and tips for the movers. Individuals can use a template if they need to in order to keep track of these expenses in a detailed and organized way.



Many people, when moving, rely on other people to help them with their move. They may have planned exactly who will be there for the move, expecting that they will have plenty of people. What really happens, however, is that people end up backing out last minute and do not show up to help.


For anyone that has been asked to help for amove, it is important that the individuals ask their friends and family members if they are still planning to help. Consider hiring professional movers such as those at Moishe’s Movers Queens NY to be sure there is necessary help present.



Many individuals expect to be unpacked and settled into their new home within a matter of days. In many cases though, these individuals become tired from the move. They are still living out of moving boxes maybe even for weeks.


Someone who is in the process of moving should try to declutter when packing, getting rid of things they no longer use or need. This will help the unpacking process go much smoother as there will be less to unpack. It is important also for individuals to put appropriately labeled boxes in the correct rooms they need to go to when unpacking.

What Now?


The suggestions above are meant to assist individuals who are in the middle of moving to feel less stressed and to avoid unhelpful realities when they have such high expectations. It is important to plan in advance for the budget and for the details of the move, including hiring movers if they have unreliable friends and family members. Individuals should also try to be as organized as possible so unpacking is as easy as possible. For someone’s next move, consider calling Moishe’s Movers Queens NY for the help that is needed.