Dual Flush Toilets in Modern Society

Dual Flush Toilets in Modern Society

Many people fail to realise that toilet flushing is one of the major water usages in the house. If the gallons of water that are used every time you flush are added up, you will be very surprised how much is wasted down the drain every day. If the idea of wasting so much water unsettles you, do not worry as there is something you can do.

The dual flush toilet system is designed to avoid this wastage of water. The system gives you the choice between choosing two different flushes. Thus, the flush for the liquid waste will use a minimal amount of water in comparison to solid waste which will use more.

The reasoning behind it is very straightforward. It is well known that human beings generally produce two types of waste; liquid waste and solid waste. The liquid waste will not need as much water to flush as solid waste will. Therefore, there is no need to use a whole tank of water for liquid waste. This is why the dual system is designed the way it is. It enables you to choose to the more suitable option depending on your situation, and thus you end up saving so much water. Therefore you contribute to the environment in a beneficial way.  Using only half of the water will also reduce your water bill.

What is the actual difference?

In comparing the conventional toilet system with a dual flush system, the reports have indicated that using a dual flush system as opposed to a conventional system can reduce water consumption up to 67%. These reports have pushed some countries to pass laws ensuring  that only dual flush systems are installed in homes. Some countries are suffering particularly hard due to water shortage, thus the dual flush system has become even more essential.

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Innovative  designs

Many of the dual flush toilet systems on the market today come in a variety of innovative and classy designs. Many companies are competing to make them look as pleasing as possible as more people start to realise its worth.

Negative aspect with the dual flush system

A point of negativity with this product is that the installation process is rather complicated. Of course, as the installation process is not the same as your average toilet installation, the process becomes rather tricky. Once you have reached your decision to install a dual flush system, contact your professional plumber to install it. This way you get the job done professionally, and risk running into problems later.

In today’s modern society we need to be more environmentally conscious than ever before. It is very easy to forget that our natural resources are dwindling rapidly, and we should all be making more of an effort in order to conserve them as much as possible. Using a dual flush toilet system will help the environment considerably in conserving water. The installation costs may be slightly higher than the average toilet, however it will be worth the extra cost in saving water.