Should I Use Ready Mix Concrete On My Home Improvement?

Should I Use Ready Mix Concrete On My Home Improvement?

When it comes to home repairs, sooner or later you are bound to need concrete. For small concrete jobs around the house you are going to need ready mix concrete. Your first thought might be to call a concrete company and get them to deliver you some concrete in one of their big cement mixer trucks.

The problem with that is, if your job is too small they are not going to drive a truck to your house or place of business. There is a minimum amount you have to order before they will bring it in a truck. Usually you have to order at least three and a half yards before they will bring it in a truck. The trucks usually hold like 8 or 9 yards so you would need to order half a truck load which in most home repair jobs you will never need this much concrete.

This is when you will need ready mix concrete. Ready mix concrete is made for those small jobs when you may only need to use half a yards worth of concrete. Ready mix concrete comes in bags ranging from 45 pounds to 80 pounds. The most popular size is 80 pounds but 45 pound bags are also available for the even smaller jobs.

Ready mix concrete requires that you mix the concrete yourself. Do not worry though it is very simple to do and anyone can do it. You won’t even need any experience. It is simply a matter of adding water to the concrete and mixing it with a shovel. For larger jobs you could also rent a portable gas or electric powered cement mixer. You want to add just enough water to get the concrete to a thick, not runny consistency.

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If you mix the concrete and add too much water do not worry. You will just need to add some more concrete to the batch and mix it up. Ready mix concrete is extremely handy for those small jobs around the house. Make sure to wash your mixing tools thoroughly when done so the concrete does not stick to them.