Seldom Used Garage Organization Solutions

Seldom Used Garage Organization Solutions

There may be no easy way to clean the garage, but an enormous range of products and possibilities add to a selection of popular solutions. Ultimately, one should always plan around spaces which dominate the feel and theme of a garage. Every garage owner is different, and the best products express the taste and efficiency of a garage owner, with function in mind.

The garage is usually one of the largest rooms in the house, but is only used for storing vehicles and vehicle accessories, with the occasional room for hobby equipment. Since space is always at a premium, the garage should always be used to its fullest, allowing the storage of anything which won’t be harmed by the temperature or humidity of the garage.

Most major garage problems and messes stem from a lack of cabinets and shelves, which require their own system of installation and use. Large utility equipment items (like drills and saws) can be the center for a cabinet system which either rolls along a wall, or is stacked all the way to the ceiling. Keeping hobbies fun means working with a consistently clean space, especially considering the needs of vehicle maintenance and improvement.

When in doubt, look up. Fragile items are best stored as close to ceiling as possible, where the possibility of damage from other activities is minimized. Linens and household goods which are especially sensitive to spills, pets, and collisions may be stored in cabinets and boxes away from commonly used work spaces. The proximity of a vehicle will also affect the viability of this “extra” storage space.

The installation of ladders with pulley systems depends on the size of a garage. Large systems of shelves and storage areas still require access, possibly via sliding ladder. Track cabinets which move on castors, wheels, or bearings, will significantly improve the efficiency of wall storage. An entire wall will be turned into a shuffling work station suited for hundreds of tasks.

Installing tables and cabinets directly into the floor decreases mobility, and limits the possible combinations of work spaces available. Garage organization solutions are most effective when multiplied by mobility. Folding chairs and tables are at least as effective as large, wheeled cabinets in multiplying suitable work surfaces.

So, although the ceiling and floors add tremendous potential to the storage capacity of a garage, keeping wall space at a premium prevents tools from being lost in the shuffle. Walls covered with perforated tag-board may seem to be perfect garage organization solutions at first, but time and experience show garage owners the importance of cabinets dedicated to specific hobbies and tasks.

Baskets, racks, and shelves are also essential to effective garage organization. Non-fragile tools and equipment may be tossed into bins which slide underneath tables. The combination of large bins and tables makes remembering the location of tools much easier than hunting through dozens of small drawers. Bins may be arranged by color, referring either to a type of tool, or to a project or hobby.