What’s Good About a Bosch Drill?

What’s Good About a Bosch Drill?

A drill has always been part of a worker’s life. You may be a hardworking contractor but if the tools aren’t perfectly doing their job, you’ll end up having muscle strain, injury or the end result of what you’re working on is not what you expected. Among all the drills distributed in the market these days, Bosch drill is the brand that maintains top-notch performance. It’s powerful, it has great features, light in its weight and most of all it is amazingly durable for long periods of use. It’s simply perfect for your tough drilling jobs!

Why choose Bosch among other competing brands? Here are the reasons:

1. Tracing back history, Bosch already established their reputation of creating high quality tools-ranging from drill drivers to hammer drills with varying features and use. Since 1932, the company already thrived and the name isn’t uncommon for the working population. So you’ll never worry on wasting your money over tools that easily break down and claims to be better when they’re not.

2. Bosch drill comes with a Durashield A� casing that has tough yet flexible properties so even if you drop it on the ground for as high as ten feet or even at the rooftop, it will leave the inner parts untouched and you won’t even see cracks on its surface! The casing is made to resist strong blow impact so you don’t need to worry about repairs and additional cost to buy another one. It’s made to last long.

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3. Do you feel yourself racing while you drill just to catch up with time and deadlines? When it comes to power, Bosch tools deliver excellently as they are made with “2 speed gear box” with a torque of 500in/lbs. So even if you won’t exert too much effort, it passes through the hard wood smooth and easy. You’ll be working fast and of course, you won’t feel weak and tired after completing your project.

4. It doesn’t matter even if you forget to charge your batteries especially if your schedule demands you to move fast. Bosch has recently integrated Blue Core Battery A� that has its own cooling system and energy reservation of up to 50%. The performance of the battery is consistently exceptional-you can work for longer hours without frequently charging and the charging time has been cut into half (30 minutes). Even if you store it in warm areas, it doesn’t lose its energy.