Get to the Bottom of a Wall Water Leak

Get to the Bottom of a Wall Water Leak

As our household size increases, we seem to accumulate an ever expanding number of household items. As we do so, our storage issues increase. Eventually, as we expand to fill all available spaces, we start to look for alternative options and turn to the basement. Sure enough, we will be using the basement to store a number of valuable items, records, books, household paraphernalia, all which are sensitive to atmosphere. As the basement can be prone to excessive dampness, we will need to address this issue first, including the need to find any wall water leak.

Humidity and condensation can lead to the development of mold. This is a very serious condition that can lead to health problems, but in the shorter term can cause considerable damage to any items stored in a basement. Any important documents or seasonal clothing items that you are storing down there can be damaged rather quickly in this way. So you will need to find ways to fix problems caused by a wall water leak in your basement.

If you have noticed excessive condensation and humidity in your basement, in addition to looking for any wall water leak or any condensation from utility pipes or equipment, you should consider addressing the ventilation within the room. This can often help alleviate the problem.

To determine the source of any wall water leak you need to perform an inspection. The dampness could just be coming from a poorly functioning ventilation system or pipe condensation. If the level of humidity is very high, the walls themselves can be filled with condensation leading to additional water pooling and moisture problems.

To narrow down the source of a wall water leak, try and see if it occurs where the wall and floor connect. In this case, special materials will need to be used to seal the walls. If the leak appears to be around a metal or plastic pipe near the foundation a waterproofing company may need to be called in. Commonly in this situation, urethane grout is injected into the outside soil, expanding to 20 times its volume and solving the issue.

In most cases, a wall water leak problem will not be acute but will nevertheless need to be addressed. In these cases, use a water absorbent sock. Also known as hurricane socks, these items are very flexible and can be applied directly to the problem point. The socks can store up to a gallon of water at a time and will significantly reduce your dampness and mildew problems. Every now and again, simply let it air dry and put it back, as these products are very hard wearing, and long-lasting.

When you need to get to the source of a wall water leak, you should consider the pros and cons of your repair options. If the leak is considerable, you should be prepared to bring in an expert to cause a permanent fix. However, if the situation is less major, then you should definitely obtain a water absorbent sock.

Water absorbent socks are great for moisture problems and measure 3 x 4′ long. You can employ several in problem areas, if need be. Once you have the sock in place, you should be able to substantially decrease the moisture and humidity in the affected room, and be able to use your basement to store all the sensitive items that you have to take some pressure away from your limited living space!