What Tools Are Necessary in a Good Plumbing Kit?

What Tools Are Necessary in a Good Plumbing Kit?

From time to time, the home plumbing system can encounter problems that disrupt the normal functioning of the system such as clogged drains, clogged toilet, pipe . Some of these problems are not difficult for a homeowner to repair. For minor problems that do not require a plumber, a homeowner should have a good plumbing kit to help them properly make the repair as it is essential that the appropriate tools are used to avoid further damage and more expense.

The following are the necessary tools for a good plumbing kit:

1. The first item you should acquire is a good kit to hold all of the plumbing tools. A large toolbox is a good choice. The toolbox should be big enough to hold the largest wrenches. A good tool kit to hold the plumbing tools will ensure you know where all of the tools are in case of an emergency.

2. Handling the various components of the plumbing system can sometimes be messy. You should have gloves and goggles for your protection. As well, keep a first aid kit in the box in case of an accident.

3. It is essential to keep a number of different size wrenches in the kit. The size of the wrenches should be 10, 14, and 18 inch pipe wrenches. Different sizes are needed because you will find that there are various size nuts in the plumbing system. Also, you do not want to damage the nuts by using the wrong size wrench. You will be less likely to scrape up the finish if you use a Crescent Wrench. Using a Basin Wrench will give you the ability to reach areas that are difficult to access because of the wrench’s long handle.

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4. A good plumbing kit should also have a power drill, drywall saw in case you have to access pipes behind the wall, tubing cutter in case you have to handle copper tubing, and a wired brush for cleaning gunk out of the pipes.

5. There are general tools that you should keep in the tool kit such as a tape measure, screwdrivers, plumber’s pliers, and a hammer. You should also have Teflon Plumber’s Tape. As well, it is a good idea to have a variety of washers of different sizes in case you have to replace a washer in a faucet. When buying screwdrivers, buy a basic assorted set that contains multiple sizes of both standard and Phillip head screwdrivers.

6. A good plumber’s kit should have a hair dryer or portable heater in case your pipes freeze and you need to thaw them.

7. For clogs, the tool kit should have a toilet plunger, sink plunger, toilet snake, and a sink auger. You can also include a packet of bacterial enzyme additive that is used to clear out clogs and keep the pipes clear. As well, you should keep a drain cleaner on hand.

8. Plumber’s putty, pipe cleaner, and PVC primer and bonding agent are good items to include in the plumbing kit.

These tools are the most indispensable do-it-yourself plumbing tools. Preventing plumbing problems can save you time and money. If the problem is big then a professional plumber can help you fix it.