I Need a Solution For My Xbox 360 E79 Error

I Need a Solution For My Xbox 360 E79 Error

This is one problem that no Gamer will love to have. This can be very annoying, I know that. Am sure you want this problem fixed. There are two ways in which you can go about getting a solution for your Xbox E79 Error problem. The first way is what many gamers think of first, which is to send their Xbox to Microsoft. This is not a bad idea for a person who is not a game freak. The second way is to fix it yourself with the use of a home repair guide. This is good news for a game freak.

Let Microsoft Fix My Xbox 360 E79 Error For Me

Like I said earlier that sending your Xbox console to Microsoft to fix is not a bad idea for a person who is not a game freak. And it may sound reasonable to you, after all they are the experts you will say…Right?

Well, I hope you know that this action will cost you nothing less than $150 if you must have Microsoft repair your Xbox. The good news is you won’t have to pay anything if your warranty has not expired. But you will have to wait for a long time like 2-6 weeks before your get your Xbox fixed. For a gamer like you, this is quite a long time to starve your fingers from tapping those keypads of yours.

I Can Fix My Xbox 360 E79 Error By Myself

This way is the most preferred and the best way to get your Xbox fixed. This option helps you to save a bit of you money and you don’t have to wait for 2-6 weeks to get it fixed. The longest time you can spend repairing it on your own is just about 30-1hour with a repair guide. A repair guide will show you step by step ways with videos and photos and text with which you can go about the repair of you Xbox. Fixing the Xbox 360 E79 error yourself will not only save you money but will save from waiting for a long time. And help you understand your Xbox better.

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