How a Moisture Absorber Can Rescue Your Carpet

How a Moisture Absorber Can Rescue Your Carpet

In certain conditions it doesn’t matter what you try and do, rainwater will just get in under those French doors, from your patio or other troublesome areas. It may be that these were badly designed or it could be that the prevailing wind cannot be overcome and the water has to go somewhere.

You might think that you’ve tried everything to deal with water infiltration, but still to no avail and you don’t want to have to spend all your spare time defending your home in this way, whenever it rains heavily!

It’s the nature of architecture that sometimes the area immediately surrounding your home can be elevated and despite seemingly adequate planning, rainwater may seek to find its way into your home. There may be several options open to you, including the construction of a new drainage system, but you might want to look at a more flexible option, and purchase a moisture absorber or two to cope.

The moisture absorber product is purpose made for those emergency situations when water threatens to infiltrate your home, potentially damage your property. When you think of what you have at stake, you would be crazy not to stock up on these items, as they are much more effective than trying to use rolled up towels or some other solution.

If you live in the tropical South you know all about your summer storms that can sometimes dump several inches over a very short space of time. If you have a backyard area with a pool, it can quickly become overrun and the drainage system will not be able to cope. This is when you need moisture absorber products to place around your pool bathroom door and your patio doors, to keep all that water from flooding your home.

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The conventional moisture absorber utilizes corncob and is contained within a polypropylene cover. This solution is known to absorb up to 1000 times its weight in water. The chances are that your “emergency” event is only temporary and you will be able to let the products air dry out so that they can be used again in the future.

In parts of the South, moisture absorbers are known as hurricane socks, which is a testament to how effective they can be during the worst of all storms. If they can help you out when you are being bombarded with wind driven rains, then they can cope with almost everything.

If rainwater can get in, wintry drafts may also infiltrate the same space and some people use the moisture absorber as a draft absorber as well, finding multiple uses for the same investment.