Cleaning Up After A Home Improvement Project

Cleaning Up After A Home Improvement Project

Home improvement projects are necessary for anyone looking to maintain a pleasant home and those looking to sell. For whatever reason you are performing the project, there will be cleanup upon its completion. Spattered paint and excess wood are not an issue if you actually put forth the effort to clear things away.

Any interior renovation work, such as remodeling a kitchen or knocking through a wall to make two rooms into one, will inevitably result in a lot of waste being created. It will mainly be items that can’t simply be thrown in with the normal trash, so what can you do? Well, hiring a skip solves the problem for most people. Put it on your driveway and then use a wheelbarrow to move waste from the room being worked on to the skip. This gets waste items out of your house quickly, and prevents a build up of things, which not only looks bad, but which can also be dangerous.

When it comes to painting, cleanup is crucial not only for the looks of the area you just painted, but it can save you money as well. If a little paint splashed on that one, tiny area of the carpet you thought you had all covered up but didn’t, all is not lost. If the paint has settled on top of the fibers as a blob, you can cut it off, being careful not to cut the carpet itself. If some paint seeped below the top, use a good amount of warm water and try to blot it out. Avoid scrubbing, because that is likely to embed the paint even more. If you have a knife with a blunt edge, you may be able to pry the paint out.

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Every 5-10 years or so, the roof on a house needs to undergo thorough maintenance. It not only makes your home look wonderful, it is necessary to keep out the water. It does, however, make a mess. Tarps drape every inch of the yard around the house and disposal bins and trucks are an eyesore. Some contractors employ the use of bins that are wheeled up to the area where debris is being tossed down and carry it off to the trucks and bins. You’ll have no worries about huge trucks tearing up the grass, shrubs, and garden. Hiring a skip can also be a good option.

Clearing up after a home improvement project is not bad if you don’t let it go. Taking care to clean up right away will have your home back to normal faster than you might expect. Plan and prepare, and you will have no trouble at all.