Garage Cleaning is Beneficial All Around

Garage Cleaning is Beneficial All Around

You don’t have to tell us how busy you are as we realize that there is very little available time for you to devote to cleaning on a daily basis. We know that there are piles of “junk” accumulated in each corner, but you can start to see where the dust is forming and we know that you are feeling guilt pangs as you sit down to watch the television for a brief moment. However, spring is upon us and you should be motivated to do something about this issue as they say you can benefit from a mental, physical and financial perspective by doing so.

Is it possible to boost your physical, mental and financial health by attacking your disheveled home? Start in the garage, cleaning it out to make you feel better about yourself, getting some exercise at the same time the and discovering some ways this can actually make money. Just look at all those glass jars on the shelves and turn them out and see how many quarters you have. They say that the average household has almost $100 in loose change, if they just look for it.

When you get really involved in a deep garage cleaning, all those cobwebs that have built up over the winter will blow away any will feel much better mentally about yourself. As you put things in place, you will feel that glow of achievement as you physically get rid of stuff that you know you really do not need and that has just piled up over the winter months.

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As you look and see what you have, give yourself a pat on the back as you make a pile for donations. You can then look forward to taking them to the local Goodwill store or to the Salvation Army and benefit those who are less well-off. You never know, you might find something that you had forgotten about, which is worth money and you could go ahead and schedule a garage sale for next weekend to benefit.

Garage cleaning is hard work and laborious, for certain and it is a shame that we do not keep up with the maintenance of this room on an ongoing basis. Look at the condition of the floor, for example, and vow to do something about this. All kinds of debris can fall from your car when you return from a trip, especially if it is raining. Put some garage floor mats beneath each vehicle to account for this problem.

You don’t want your concrete floor to become marked up, detracting from the value of your home and you should view garage floor mats as a necessary investment. In addition, all the boxes that are stored against each wall will not be doing much to protect their contents, if they’re allowed to get damp and subject to mold and mildew.

The National Institute for Mental Health tells us that visual clutter really affects us, stunting our short term memory capability and affecting our attention span. Who wants to get into a nonfunctional state such as this, so get on with your garage cleaning right now.

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Garage cleaning projects are very big undertakings, sure to take a whole weekend. With plenty of notice, tell the family that they are getting involved with you in this project and that they should look forward to getting their own share of the physical, mental and financial well-being from this task.