The Best Home Insulation Protects The Pocket And The Temperature

The Best Home Insulation Protects The Pocket And The Temperature

Insulation is hugely important to every single home for a variety of different reasons. Obviously its primary function is to keep a home at a comfortable temperature – both through keeping the cold out and through keeping the warm in. What a lot of people don’t realize though is that insulation also plays a large role in protecting the foundations and support of the home from elemental damage – something that could prove decisive when bad weather hits an area.

Probably the best home insulation solutions that can be found revolve around the use of fiberglass, which is a hardy and extremely effective way to regulate a home’s temperature. This is placed inside cavities of the wall and also under the floor, meaning that heat has no way of leaving the home quickly. It should be noted that the substance can be an irritant when it is being fitted; meaning that if the homeowner is doing the job themselves they should wear protective gloves and eyewear.

Foam insulation is another great product to use in the home and has a couple of advantages over the fiberglass type. The first is that it can be used to not only insulate, but to also protect the foundations of a building, due to the fact that it is highly waterproof – also meaning it is perfect for areas that regularly suffer adverse weather conditions. The other massive plus point is that this waterproof ability means it can be used outside – leaving the inside of the house looking untouched.

There are also smaller things that a homeowner can do to ensure that their home is protected from heat loss, and one of the best home insulation solutions is a simple draft stopper. A huge amount of heat can be lost underneath the crack at the bottom of doors, and these devices are designed to sit there and prevent this from happening. The added bonus is that they hardly cost anything either – making them perfect for those on a low budget.

For those that want to combine insulation with a way of protecting their floor from damage, then water absorbent socks are a great idea. These can sit next to a door just like a draft excluder and also collect any rain water or melted snow as they try to make their way in to the house. Just like draft excluders, they are also very cheap to buy and suitable for a home on any budget.

Another one of the best home insulation products that can be bought is a brush strip, which attaches to the bottom of a door and – much like the draught excluder – prevents air from passing through this gap. They are very cheap to buy and take just 5 minutes to screw on, meaning that they should be a must for nearly every home.

A rubber strip can also be bought instead of the brush strip. This is of a more solid design and therefore protects from draughts even more. The only disadvantage is that it maybe does not look as good as the brush strip design.

As can be seen, some of the best home insulation solutions are incredibly cheap and easy to install, meaning that every home in the United States should be acting now to keep their property insulated. This won’t just keep the occupants warmer, but will also bring down the cost of any heating bills – meaning that the initial investment will often pay for itself over the course of just a few months.