Should You Use an Xbox 360 Repair Guide Or Should You Send it In? Get an Insight Here!

Should You Use an Xbox 360 Repair Guide Or Should You Send it In? Get an Insight Here!

If you have found your way to this article then you are probably looking for a solution to fix your Xbox 360. This article will tell you about the home repair methods and how they work but more importantly it will give you an inside view so you can better judge whether you should use one of these Xbox 360 repair guides.

So why not just send it back?

This is a popular question and it is a wonder that Xbox 360 repair guides exist!

As you can send it off and they will repair it for you, however the reason a lot of gamers choose not to do this is mainly because of the waiting time.

It can take about four weeks from start to finish, and the other big reason why people are put off with this method is because you may have to pay out $140 to get your system fixed.

So this brings us to the home repair methods – and whether or not you should use one?

There are several different guides out there and most of them work on the basis that as the motherboard is overheating with most of these errors they will tell you how to stop the heat build up and therefore fix the problem.

It is not quite that easy though and you must make sure that if you are going to use this method you find a guide that gives you a video preview so you can actually see the repair method that you will be using.

For instance some of these guides will tell you to open up the console and blast it with a heat gun which is not good!

Another popular method is the “towel trick” – this involves wrapping your Xbox 360 up in towels and overheating the system, which makes the soldering supple again and able to connect to the chips.

The problem is it will fry all the other components in your system!

That said, there are some good guides out there that will show you how to fix all of these problems permanently.

Is just a case of searching around making sure that you get a full preview, a guarantee and excellent customer support and you should be fine following this route.

If in doubt of course send it back in!