Is It Possible To Make Garage Floor Coverings Out Of Human Hair?

Is It Possible To Make Garage Floor Coverings Out Of Human Hair?

As crazy as it might seem, it certainly is possible to use human hair to soak up waste oil. This solution was discovered by an enterprising inventor, who found that old clippings could be matted together to form a surface that was efficient at getting waste oil out of water. As you might expect, this solution was used extensively during the recent Gulf oil spill disaster and has also been used in many other situations too.

Is it possible for you to use your spent hair clippings to get rid of all that oil that seems to leak from beneath your car? Of course this is a silly question, but it does draw attention to the many different ways that we have of dealing with oil that is not supposed to be in one place or another.

You might indeed be disgusted when you see the state of your garage when you enter the room. How did that floor get into such a state andwhere on earth did all that stuff come from? This is definitely a difficult cleanup job, but you don’t have to make such a cleaning a regular part of your daily life. Garage floor coverings have been designed specifically to help you with this.

While a garage floor covering can be aesthetically pleasing, it needs to have a specific purpose as well. The good ones can soak up anything and everything that comes from beneath your vehicles, including that all too frequent rainwater. It would be good to know that you don’t have to worry about people slipping and falling whenever they get out of your car.

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Oil stain problems and associated discoloration can be eliminated if you apply a coat of epoxy to the floor itself. But it’s not possible simply to paint your way out of the problem, as you have to be sure that the area is clean and well prepared before you begin. If not, you will likely be disappointed with what ensues.

Even though you might be a “neat freak,” please understand that the garage is essentially a functional and utilitarian room and is never likely to take on the appearance of the rest of your house. There is, consequently, a limit to how glamorous you should be in here, but should definitely focus on applications that can help you avoid cleanup time. This is where a good garage floor covering comes into its own.

One in 20 of us is so obsessive and compulsive that we keep the garage in such a condition that it is simply spotless. We don’t populate this room with innumerable storage boxes and junk and are able to keep a good eye on leaks or spills as and when they occur, stepping in to take charge. Most of us are not like this, however.

Your mat must be able to withstand all kinds of traffic, must not leak and must be sturdy. When you choose the right product, it will also be relatively unobtrusive and able to blend in with the neighborhood all around it.