Do Carpet Cleaning Companies Offer Additional Services?

Do Carpet Cleaning Companies Offer Additional Services?

Nowadays, carpet cleaning is not limited to removing dust and grim off your carpets. Carpet cleaning companies, today, have started offering additional services to their valuable customers in order to run circles around their competitors. Given below are some additional services today’s carpet cleaners offer to their customers.

Professional Vacuuming

Homeowners use vacuum cleaners to clean their carpets on a regular basis. Many cleaning companies now offer professional vacuuming as an extra service. It is important to note that the bulk of companies offer this service free of cost; however, some charge a small amount. Vacuuming the rugs prior to cleansing them reduces the amount of dust. Later on, special cleaning machines are used to remove dirt embedded into the rugs.


If you are going to have your rugs cleansed for the first time, you can consider pre-treatment techniques prior to the deep cleaning. Aside from professional vacuuming, some providers offer this service free of cost, while others charge a paltry sum for this. In pre-treatment, carpets are soaked in chemical-free natural cleaners. This technique targets the dirt on the surface of the carpets and protects the carpet fibers from the harmful effect of artificial chemicals. Pre-treatment is especially useful if you are going to get your carpets cleansed for the first time.


The bulk of carpet cleaners apply dry cleaning technique because this technique does not require them to rinse the rugs. However, a small amount of water is still contained in the carpets, so you have to dry them after cleaning. If you do not have time to do that, your carpet cleaner can also provide this service. The company will use powerful fans in order to dry out your rugs in a few hours.

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Stain Guards

Another extra services offered by many cleaners is termed as stain guards. In this technique, nanotechnology is used to apply a protective lawyer on carpet fibers. This layer prevents dirt and stains from attaching to the fibers. As a result, it will be easier to cleanse the rugs down the road because there will be fewer stains on the carpets.

Do not hesitate to check out different cleaning services in order to find out the most reliable and trustworthy service that offers additional services as part of their main services. Of course, it is risky but you will surely find a provider offering best services you need. This will be immensely beneficial for you in the long run.