Clean Oil Stain Problems the Easy Way

Clean Oil Stain Problems the Easy Way

Whenever you are faced with having to clean oil stain mess and are really not sure how to proceed, start with the path of least resistance and move on steadily if you have to. Remember that some of these solutions are really “old wives tales,” while some are far more practical. Of course, you really need to think about protecting and preventing, rather than curing.

In our lives today, there are some things that we just cannot do without, if you have noticed. One of these things is duct tape, a legendary fixer of any problem that we have. Another is WD-40, which for some reason can free up any nuts, screw or bolt that is problematic. Also, this solution can be used to clean oil stain messes, by simply spreading, leaving to soak and removing with water. Try it first.

Before you clean oil stain residue, you need to assess the depth of the problem. How long has the stain been there, what kind of oil is it and where did it come from? What surface are you trying to clean, invariably it will be the garage floor, which means it is probably a porous concrete. Unless you took the time to request a special finish to your garage floor when it was built, that stain may well be set.

In order to clean oil stain residue that is set in place, you can try one of the easier, or less costly solutions first. What about stealing some of Fluffy’s cat litter? You know how absorbent that can be, so try layering it over the oil stain and leaving to set overnight. You might have to try this two or three times, but it just might do the trick.

When litter or WD-40 is not able to remove and clean oil stain residue when it is set in place, go to your hardware store and think about getting an industrial strength cleaner. So long as you are careful and remember that this is toxic, wearing eye protection and gloves at all time, this will likely work. Be careful when you dispose of this, as it is, of course, not biodegradable.

If you have an old car or clunker, oil leaks will be very familiar to you. Don’t be reactive, be proactive and consider buying an absorbent pad to take care of this problem. It’s a far simpler solution, after all.

A typical absorbent pad is very durable and will last for years, able to protect not only your garage floor, but other equipment as well, including a patio grill or your yard gear.