Unwanted Water Moisture Can Seriously Damage Your Valuables

Unwanted Water Moisture Can Seriously Damage Your Valuables

More injuries and property damage are caused across the country by flooding than by any other weather phenomena. This is a scary thought and one which most homeowners are not aware of. Even if you do not live next to a mighty river or a large body of water, flooding can occur whenever mother nature decides to create a major weather event.

While none of us can truly be prepared for a freak flood caused by torrential rain and the infiltration of many inches of water into our homes, we can certainly be prepared for less spectacular but more common occurrences. Major flooding will find its way into our house through drains and crevices, if not through doorways, but we can be best prepared for minor events.

Around the country, monsoons, wintry nor’easter’s and tropical cyclones create weather events that can cause havoc. In many of these situations, persistent rains are bolstered by strong winds, building up water moisture at points of entry and around the house. The moisture can build up very quickly and if you are not careful can cause damage to your valuables, if you do not have a means of defense.

Polypropylene socks, known in certain circles as “hurricane” Socks are good defenses against water moisture. They are purpose built and highly durable and can be stored in your garage until such time as you need them. They are often found in Florida and the Gulf states, but can be used nationwide.

If you think that persistent storms are a nuisance and that you are having to work overtime as you try and defend your home, just think what would happen if you did not have any of these hurricane socks available to help you deter water moisture. If significant damage was caused to your valuables and carpets, for example, insurance companies might not cover this as they generally have riders absolving them of water damage liability.

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All homes have water storage devices of some kind, including hot water tanks. Water moisture absorbing socks can be placed around these items as a matter of course, giving you some warning if leakage is likely to occur ahead of time.

The beauty of these hurricane socks is that if they become saturated with water moisture, you can simply wring them out or can put them into a spin cycle within your washing machine. It is not advisable to dry them in a dryer but you can get rid of the majority of the water and put them back in place to start over again.

Preparation is everything, because let’s face it, you don’t know when mother nature is going to rear her ugly head and present you with a significant problem of defense.