Is Your Faucet Leaking? Find Out Why

Every person worldwide encounters plumbing leaks. Unfortunately, it is the sad truth of all home-owners and members of a house. Plumbing leaks appear in all different shapes and sizes, with your tanks, water heaters, pipes, cisterns, flush valves, etc., all contributing to your leaky toilet!

But according to an affordable plumber near me, faucet leaks are the worst nightmare you could face in your washrooms or kitchen. A continuously dripping faucet leak could sound like one of those horror movies where finally your entire room is flooded and ugly, ghoulish things sneak up from inside those waters. On a more serious note, a dripping faucet could surely escalate into a more significant plumbing woe in your washroom and your kitchen, and hence it should be taken care of as soon as possible.

The primary reasons for a faucet leak:

According to an affordable plumber near me who has mended several such cases throughout his lifetime, faucet leaks are the most common causes that lead to a leaky toilet or a messy kitchen. But this troublesome issue has deep-rooted causes. Let’s take a probing look.

Damaged and worn-out parts:

Is there a steady drip coming out of your faucet? Are you in a frenzied state of mind where you would like to rip it off clean from the sink and feel calm again? Well, do not get on your nerves; instead, let’s get to the root of the problem.

A steadily-dripping faucet means that the washer inside it could be damaged and needs a replacement. In the case of a compression faucet, the most common occurrence is the damage of the seals. These seals get worn out and dilapidated when the faucet remains closed to continually hold back the water pressure. On the other hand, cartridge faucets also encounter leaks. The cartridge itself or the moving parts like the inlet and outlet seals, O-rings, etc., get worn out and damaged and might need to get replaced.

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Immensely high-water pressure:

If you see that your faucet drips at specific times of the day, especially during the night or at times when no other plumbing fixtures are used, you might point the phenomenon to massive water pressure. If the water pressure is too high, and one particular faucet tends to be used more than other plumbing fixtures or other faucets in the house, the entire thing could become messy.

The considerable water pressure can give rise to minute leaks within the faucet itself. These further develop into pinhole leaks within the piping, and the entire situation worsens over time.

Plumbing cracks:

A crack in the plumbing pipe, loose fittings, etc., will inevitably show in a faucet leak. If the faucet head is close to the leak in the plumbing fittings and fixtures, it will start to drip. A slow yet steady drip from your faucet could point to problems in the piping underneath the sink.

The piping could either develop small cracks or holes and even have loose fittings at the connection points and junctures. Whatever be the case, it is immensely vital to schedule an inspection with a professional, high-quality, and affordable plumber near you.


When a leaky faucet requires a repair or replacement, try to refrain from using your knowledge or expertise. It is always better to take professional help. Go online and search for the best and most affordable plumber near me for the best results!